Premiere: The dizzying My Giddy Aunt become ‘Sunk’: a buoyant effervescent track off their forthcoming EP.

Feature Photograph: Sebastian Fendall

We are very pleased to premiere the new single ‘Sunk’ from crinkly topped Naarm/Melbourne trio My Giddy Aunt. This is a gloriously melodic traipse through an indie pop paradise with its jangly sounds, effervescent bounce and touch of whimsy.

Vocally reminiscent of something by the legendary The The or James, there is nonetheless an antipodean burnish to the track that recalls The Chills or That Bats, with an euphoric anthemic flourish that is quite incandescent.

And despite the sparkle and the shimmer, the track deals with serious topics. Rory Vagg from the band says the track is about loss:

When someone you’re close to has to go it doesn’t seem real until this feeling attaches itself like an anchor to your neck and smacks you in the face with a wet rag. It’s definitely a wet rag kind of song lyrically, but it’s offset by how fun and energetic the instrumental is.

The tension between the message and the delivery creates a thread of bittersweet air of melancholia – essential ingredients for any superb pop song. The band’s music is in a very similar vein to their tremendous fellow Melbournites, Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird, with their broad expansive vistas and majestic sound.

‘Sunk’ is available to download and stream on 13 October 2022 here and through the band’s Bandcamp site. The band is releasing an new EP ‘All Things Come In Time’ in 27 October 2022. Based on the evidence provided by ‘Sunk’, this will be something to look forward to.

You can catch the band launching the single and new EP on 3 November – tickets and details here as well as a few appearances in the meantime on 15 October at the Worker’s Club in Fitzroy and the Tramway Hotel on 29 October 2022.

Feature Photograph: Sebastian Fendall

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