Say Psych: Introducing: Bazooka

Athens’ basement psychedelic rock outfit Bazooka have sprung to attention recently with the release of their new EP Zougla (Jungle) released on Inner Ear Records. Bazooka are here to broaden your musical horizons through empowered psychedelia which maintains a raw, infectious energy.

Formed in 2008, in Volos, Greece Bazooka are made up of singer/guitarist Xanthos Papanikolaou, guitarist Bill Tzelepis, drummer John Vulgaris, keyboardist Panos Papanikolaou and bass player Aris Rammos. They moved to Athens shortly after in order to fulfil their need to play live. At a time when the Greek capital was undergoing a severe economic crisis an underground musical renaissance flourished through a multitude of DIY squat venues that hosted the city’s best punk and psych-rock bands. Bazooka were quickly found to be the most savage crew of the incredibly corrosive rock’n’roll scene that includes Acid Baby Jesus, Gay Anniversary and A Victim Of Society.
Bazooka’s debut LP was released in 2013 on Slovenly Recordings with second LP Useless Generation following in 2016. In the past five years they have toured Europe and the USA extensively.

When asked about the latest offering, the band explain “Zougla is the jungle. The influence of propaganda in people’s minds encourages a craziness within our modern world. This dreates an anxiety felt by all. Where is the truth to be found? Is there a God to save us? Where is the love, the compassion and all the qualities that make us human? The answer is within ourselves.”

The tracks of Zougla are a breakthrough for the sound of the band and bridge the style of second LP Useless Generation with the more psychedelic sounds of their self-titled debut album.

For fans of: The Parrots, Acid Baby Jesus, JuJu


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