Premiere: Swimsuit Issue sparkle in the sunshine with new track ‘Hit It With You’

Swimsuit Issue are proving themselves to be one of the most intriguing and adventurous indie groups around – refusing to stand in one place and refusing to be easily labelled. The first single we reviewed, ‘Addict’ was a cathartic and blistering punk onslaught, followed by the anthemic indie pure pop fizz of ‘The Feeling‘. We are pleased to premiere today in Backseat Mafia the third single, ‘Hit It With You’, off the band’s forthcoming debut album.

“Hit It With You’ moves gently in an entirely different dimension: it has a sunshine-filled laid-back vibe that oozes with bucolic joy and a whiff of something illicit wafting through the dappled sunlight. A pedal steel guitar by guest Jye Perry Banks adds to this sleepy and immersive aura. The vocals are crusty and crisp with a whiskey-soaked edge with backing vocals by Dorah Jacson adding a soft mesmerising sweep.

Singer Danny Mann says of the track:

It is a song that I wrote when I was up the beach camping, I was lying down on the sand with headphones on listening to some old school country, nicely baked and reminiscing on some magical times that I spent with my fiance travelling around Mexico and in Particular Los Cerritos where we sat on the rooftop of our condo every afternoon after a day surfing looking over the point and the ocean while sipping tequila and cervezas and listening to old time music

These rose-tinted memories are deeply imbued in the track – there is a sense of the white hot heat and the indolence of a tropical clime with a timelessness and poignancy that comes with reflection and change. If it’s not warm where you are, have a toke on this:

Swimsuit Issue are a band to watch with fascination. Out on Friday, 7 May, 2021, you can pre-save ‘Hit It With You’ here.

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