Track: The Church assures us there’s ‘No Other You’ – a shimmering anthem – ahead of their album ‘The Hypnogogue’.

Feature Photograph: Hugh Stewart

Providing a delectable morsel to whet our voracious appetites, The Church have just released the third and final single off their forthcoming album ‘The Hypnogogue’ (due out on 24 February 2023).

‘No Other You’ has a reflective shimmering wall of sound with singer/bass player Steve Kilbey’s voice filled with a heart-aching yearning. It is one of the most anthemic songs the band has ever produced – filled with melody and an orchestration that is ethereal and cinematic.

At heart it’s a love song and the story behind the song and the album would fill an entire book (see my recent interview with Kilbey here for more). And despite all the descriptions of the album as a whole being prog rock and a concept album, this track is pure and simply a statuesque pop song. Utterly magic:

‘No Other You’ is available to download and stream here.

Feature Photograph: Hugh Stewart

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