News: Ex-Creation Records band Hurricane #1 sign new deal; new music and live shows expected this year

In news that will see a shudder of excitement flow across the loins of indie music officianados of a certain age, ex-Creation Recrords indie rockers Hurricane #1 have signed a deal with Golden Boot Records with big plans expected for 2021.

in their 90s heyday, the band scored a couple of top 20 albums and seven top 40 singles, as toured the world, selling over a million albums along the way. The band are set to release new singles and an album, as well as playing shows worldwide this year.

Of the deal, Alex Lowe from the band says “It’s an absolute pleasure to be signed with one of the best and biggest independent growing labels in the world its exactly the type of label we needed for Hurricane #1. The great thing is that GRR are not scared to take chances unlike other labels that are so absorbed in their own hype that most of them don’t really care or look after their bands. Hurricane has so much material for GRR that they could never ever run out of releases. In these darkened times of not knowing GRR and Hurricane #1 together will make the world of music a far better place A storm is brewing!’’

In the meantime, settle into one of their biggest ever hits, here

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