Track: Corinne Cook – Turning Off The World

Nashville-based Californian native, Corinne Cook, has just released light-hearted country single “Turning Off The World“, from her “Dressed Up For Goodbye” album. I think everyone at some point wishes they had the ability to press a virtual pause or mute button to just stop the noise and nonsense around them and get a rest from it all. “Turning off the World” is about exactly that. It’s someone saying “right, I’ve had enough and now I’m taking control”. 

Cook has also released a lyric video in support of the single, which was written by Brad Warren, Brett Warren, Phil Madeira and Lynn Nichols and produced by Denny Martin.

Cook has been collecting stories all her life and, growing up in an intensely musical family in small towns in Central California, has been turning them into award winning tunes. “I Don’t” from her 2015 album “Dressed Up For Goodbye” won a Nashville Industry Music Award (NIMA) for Song of the Year in 2016.

“Turning Off The World” is Cook’s little bit of escapism in a world that feels a bit overwhelming at times, and it’s a fun listen. Cook is giving us all permission her to turn off from the world, even just for a bit.

Catch Corrine Cook online at and on social media: FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube 

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