SEE: Francis of Delirium’s ‘Equality Song’: a righteous roar for parity

Jana Bachrich, lead singer of Francis of Delirium

ONE of the bands of 2020 who’ve really got fire in their collective belly, Canadian-American duo Francis of Delirium have blazed back with a dance-your-Docs off plea that we need gender equality; like, right frickin’ now.

The twosome, who call Luxembourg home, set out their stall with their debut release back in January, “Quit Fucking Around”. I mean, no shrinking violets they. They’ve got something to say? They’re gonna say it.

They’re returning after their acclaimed debut EP All Change with “Equality Song”; you can watch the video, below.

The song was actually funded by Luxembourg’s Ministry of Equality to celebrate 100 years of the female vote; but singer Jana Bahrich, just 19, finds much left to rail against in a skewed establishment, with the Brett Kavanaugh hearings in the United States.

“The song was written mainly out of anger, at how absurd it is that sexual abuse is so normalised, and the systems that are in place just essentially shit on anyone that comes forward with their story”, she explains.

“The Brett Kavanaugh hearings had just happened and then every week it felt like another story came out and it seemed like no one cared.

“You grow up learning to be sceptical of other people and spend a lot of time in fear of the people around you. So, the song is meant to be lashing out about how broken structures and systems are”.

“Equality Song” arrives today on Bandcamp, a week before it reaches other streaming platforms; as it’s Bandcamp Friday, all proceeds from digital downloads will go to Femmes en Detresse, the Luxembourgish domestic abuse charity that provides protection and therapy. 

They’re touring now in Luxembourg and Germany, and are set to release another EP this winter.

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