New Music: Pord – Staring Into Space, plus Album News

Ahead of their forthcoming album “Wild”, recorded with Serge Morattel at Rec Studio in Geneva, French trio Pord have released a new track, “Staring Into Space”. Starting out in 2002 in the darkest depths of Lozère / France, the band quickly alligned themselves with the kind of noise rock perpetrated by the likes of Dazzling Killmen, Keelhaul, and Craw.

For “Wild” the band have kept their trademark aggression and taught, dark delivery, but they’ve added speed to the dynamic, with some of the songs showing a more savage more primitive delivery, with the vocals being stripped back to more rasping, cruder sounds.

“Staring Into Space” has this fidgety, adrenalin soaked bassline that roars and spits throughout the song, joined by these eerie, echoey guitar chords that clash and clang against eachother, and a vocal that doesn’t come close to a gutteral grindcore scream, more a punk delivery. As the track unfurls, so the guitars embark on these huge riffs, flitting one to another, new material added as it progressively becomes more and more hard edged.

It’s brutal, angular noise, that manages to be raw and exciting at the same time. The album is out on September 8th via Solar Flare Records.

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