Live Review: Fever 333 – The Academy, Dublin 23,08,2022

Fever 333 ( the 333 represents the three core principles that the members view the band to stand for: community, charity and change.) doing their thing at Dublin’s Academy and do it they did, ok numbers in attendance might have been a little low, but as its the bands first time in Ireland that’s expected and I can recall many a band that became huge playing to low numbers first time around. But believe me this did not take anything away from the force and power of these guys, not letting up for one minute each member was on full steam even the drummer who wasn’t letting Jason Aalon Butler & Stephen Harrison have all the fun, Aric Improta could be seen at times jumping from his drum seat into the air and at other times standing up on the drum kit, which is how the show opened (see header photo) and egging on the crowd throughout the night.
It was a high energy show right from the get-go with brief speeches from Aalon about the connection with Black people and Irish and how they have suffered the same prejudices and giving one such speech to introduce Made in America.
At another point the crowd were thanked for giving the band a safe place to play as back home its not so safe due to gun culture and the chance of being smoked! at a show, Aalon even expressing his shock when he realised his 5 year old had to watch a video in school on what to do if there was an active shooting taking place . It was crazy to hear him speck of this and explain what it can be really like.
It wasn’t only high energy on stage, but also the crowd that were there made the most of it and got a wall of death going a few times to the delight of the band, who made the statement ”there might not be many here but it feels like millions due to your reactions to us!”
The band opted not to break for the encore instead stating that tonight is a special night so we are going to play right through and mid-way through the ending song Aalon asked the crowd to tighten up as he wanted to stage dive and he did! not once but twice and got carried about nicely by the crowd.
So that was it and those that were there went home happy in the thoughts that they had been privileged to the bands first time in Ireland and vowed to come to the next show as the band made a promise to return! This band are full on Rapcore from the start to finish.

Set List
Bite Back
Only One
Made in America
One of Us
Pray For Me
Out of Control
Walking In My Shoes
Presence in Strength
We’re Coming In
Burn It
Hunting Season

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