North East Garage blues rock band Oilbirds have shared some new tracks in the form of their Loft Recordings EP via Radar Sounds International. Featuring three tracks of their wonderful mix of garage blues and psychedelic punk.

First single to be taken from the EP will be – ‘I Will Not Be Denied’. Featuring a hypnotic guitar hook with just the right amount of distortion and clattering pot and pan cymbals. You can sense a nod of the head to days gone by with it’s 70s vibe. Its loud and raucous think The Stooges mixed with late Black Sabbath.

They rely on great songwriting and individual talent. The three members, Tim on guitar and vocals, Michael CG on bass and Sophie on drums, work so well together. The rhythm section of Michael and Sophie in particular, give Tim the freedom to bring a song to life. Fuzzy guitars and loose, messy rocking guitar solos, a bassist thats more rhythm guitarist and a drummer holding it together like her surname is Moon.

Check the single out, here.

Find the EP here