PREMIERE: Vancouver’s Gold & Youth get existential on ‘Blush’; long-awaited second album out tomorrow

In 2013, Canadian quartet Gold & Youth released their very good debut album Beyond Wilderness; then they, er, went into the wilderness. For eight years. We genuinely thought they had broken up – this is, thankfully, not the case. Not only are they still a band, but they’ve also got an imminent new record. Trailed by early singles ‘The Worse the Better’ and ‘Dying in LA’, Dream Baby has been a hell of a long while in the making but it’s almost here. As a final preview of the record, we’re premiering the video for ‘Blush’. If you prefer your music without visual accompaniment, you can check it out on Soundcloud underneath the clip. Here’s what the band had to say about the six-minute track:

“‘Blush’ is about the power of love, baby! Actually, though. It’s about finding some semblance of purpose and meaning and ability to make things better through our love for each other. If we are going to make a more humane world, it’s not going to be through space colonies and flying cars dreamt up by megalomaniacal conmen. It will surely only come from collective action and humanity, and as daunting (and trite) as that sounds, that begins, in a very real way, with love. “Blush” is about saying ‘sure, the world we’ve created is full of bullshit, but that’s not some inevitability, it doesn’t actually have to be this way, and we have an antidote, and it’s each other.

From a slightly less bong-hit philosophy perspective, we basically wanted to make a song that sounded like Stevie Nicks singing on top of a shoegazey version of [David Bowie’s] ‘Heroes

Dream Baby is out tomorrow via Paper Bag.

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