Track: GoGo Penguin- Don’t Go

The genre defying instrumental trio ‘GoGo Penguin’ have released a further single ‘Don’t Go’ to preview their forthcoming self-titled album, available June 5th via the iconic Blue Note label. Described by bassist Nick Blacka as an attempt ‘to create emotion using the sonorous timbre of the double bass against the prepared piano’ the track drips with atmosphere and momentum. Nick’s earthy bass holds the centre as Chris Illingworth’s minimal piano and Rob Turner’s delicate drums revolve around his foundation. As the live video of the band playing ‘Don’t Go’ shows, GoGo Penguin are a group of musicians playing as one, with a focus on their whole soundscape. They are some unit.

Nick has also confirmed that the track will close the new LP, their third offering on Blue Note which promises to build on the hypnotic depth of 2018’s acclaimed ‘A Humdrum Star’. Each release has marked a step on for the band, where they take their tantalising blend of jazz, electronica, trip-hop and dance to new places. Like the greatly missed Esbjorn Svennson Trio or their contemporaries Portico Quartet, GoGo Penguin’s music brings you riffs, drops, stops and silence all in exactly the right places. The new album seems bound to take us higher, further on up the road of their widescreen journey.

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