EP: Bugeye – ‘Never Let You Go’ EP

Bugeye band standing in front of illuminated blue sign

Bugeye have reformed and make a glorious return with their fiery new EP.

This London based three-piece began life back in the late 90s, making spiky disco-pop and earning support slots with the likes of The Cranberries at Wembley. But, after a promising start, they decided to disband. Nearly twenty years later they’re back and proving that they still have their finger on the indie rock pulse with new EP ‘Never Let You Go’ (out now via Repeat Records/Badger Recording Co).

First track ‘Disco Dancer’ begins with a simple, but addictive, riff before the words begin to be punched out by Angela Martin (with Paula Snow on bass and Jack Houston on drums) – sounding like Altered Image’s Clare Grogan at her punky best. This infectious opener is a perfect example of how Bugeye blend riot grrrl attitude with electro-clash influences. You may need to stop yourself from playing it on repeat to ensure you get to hear the rest of this short, but deliciously sweet, EP.

‘Helga’ continues the interesting mix of influences – placing dramatic goth undertones beneath sky scraping guitars and poppy vocals that are reminiscent of early 80s Madonna.

Title track ‘Never Let You Go’ grooves and sways along, teasing with cute riffs and swooning lyrics. It sounds offbeat and it works.

If you miss the electro-fuelled sound of Dead Disco, Gossip, Le Tigre and other early noughties indie gems you’ll be blasting this EP all summer long.

Bugeye successfully harness their retro influences without sounding like a throwback. With this new record they have grasped their potential and I doubt they’ll be letting it go.

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