Track: No Reply Hit Cruise Control with ‘Departure Lounge’

No Reply

New Zealand’s No Reply have just dropped a new single ‘Departure Lounge’. The eight-piece band is based in Tauranga Moana. Originally formed to play ska covers for a party, the joy of performing together and blending their different music tastes was the catalyst from which No Reply emerged.

No Reply’s music is an infectious blend of catchy melodies and irresistible rhythms that compel listeners to bop their heads along. Influenced by the harmonies of the Beach Boys, the rock vibes of Weezer, and the solid hip hop grooves of the 90’s, the horn lines tip their hats to the Wellington dub and roots scene. They create a sound that is simultaneously familiar and refreshingly unique.”

Sam Cummins (Tauranga Music Critic)

‘Departure Lounge’ was written in Wellington Airport shortly after the COVID Lockdowns lifted and domestic flights resumed. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Nate Sowter at Link Flamingo Studios (Sophie Maude, Matty Buxton, Deadbeat, Smurgy, Blindspott).

‘Departure Lounge’ is a sonic journey that’ll have you gliding, languidly through the skies of rhythm and fun. The horn section soars through sonic clouds, leaving contrails of vibrant melodies in their wake. ‘Departure Lounge’ is reggae hip hop with a hint of ska that leaves you with a mile-high grin on your face.

“We’re a group of friends who find in joy in the music we create. We hope to inspire our kids, and other people, to find a creative outlet that connects body with soul”

No Reply

For our New Zealand readers, No Reply’s upcoming shows include Vegan Vibes (Tauranga, Labour Weekend) and summer festivals yet to be announced.

Photo credit- PJ Coleman

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