TRACK: Bronx Slang – ‘Copy That’: crisp breakz come with a warning

FRESH from the Bronx Kill Mixtape of a few weeks back, and absolutely, wholly not content to leave matters there, Bronx Slang are leaving us another hard-hitting breakz bomb to splash your face with the cold water of lyrical reality.

It’s a grandstanding track built from big guitar fuzz, courtesy UK producer Fake Blood; a crisp as hell break, up atcha grill with the truth.

“Bronx Slang is under attack/ Yo copy that,” is the call to arms from a federation of states not yet free of the orange narcissist; “The easy way out is getting harder to take”: it sure as hell is.

“Copy That” is the first, gnashing, loud and proud postcard from Bronx Slang’s second album, due in the new year.

As Jerry Miggs and Beeks said to us, the people, just a few short weeks back: “We right there on the frontlines with ‘em, for real”. 

Keep your ears to the ground for the full-lengther next year: follow Bronx Slang on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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