Track: The visceral and rampant RedHook aim their impressive arsenal at keyboard warriors in the blistering ‘Low Budget Horror’ and announce rescheduled tour dates.

RedHook incorporate a vast and powerful array of weaponry in their visceral take down of cowardly keyboard warriors in the explosive ‘Low Budget Horror’. Slamming heavy metal riffs, electronic intrusions with a dose of growling death metals utterings and anthemic choruses combine to create a cathartic dose of pure energy.

Lead vocalist Emmy Mack explains the inspiration behind the track:

Writing ‘Low Budget Horror’ was a necessary catharsis for me after a bit of a messed-up experience I had during Sydney’s 2021 COVID lockdown.

A person I’d never met before reached out over social media to give me a heads up that someone else, a total stranger to me, had been (and there really isn’t a more delicate way to put this) viciously blogging her attempts at home-wrecking my relationship. Then, after being confronted with what she’d been doing, the bully backtracked & blamed her actions on her mental health.

I am so sick of people using mental health to justify hurting and harming others. It’s not. And this song is the sound of me processing all my thoughts & feelings around that situation – anger, shock, disgust, pity.

Lyrically, ‘Low Budget Horror’ is a metaphor for online bullies and the pain they try to inflict, casting their targets as victims in a gruesome public spectacle. But more often than not, it’s a pretty D-grade performance.

Redhook? More like a right hook to the chins of cowards. A very enjoyable show for the rest of us:

“Low Budget Horror’ is available to stream and download here.

RedHook take their unique and visceral sound to the road in a series of rescheduled dates (including support from one of our favourites, the fabulous Down For Tomorrow). Details below and tickets available here.

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