EP Review: Petru – Kolibri Space Shuttle

The Breakdown

..A voyage through the alluring darkness into an ambient dawn...

Inspired by space travel, arts, nature and mental health, the primary aspiration of KSS is to offer ravers a trip full of emotions.

Beyond the raw and hypnotic beats, Kolibri Space Shuttle EP delivers extraordinary atmospheres, superb sound design and highly driven grooves through 5 unique journeys (+1 track digital exclusive)

5 tracks to make you sweat and travel. Side A side is dark, strong and hypnotic whilst side B is driven, melodic and sometimes emotional, featuring a cover of the incredible track ‘Rej’ by Âme.

Welcome aboard the Kolibri Space Shuttle – you’re in for a special journey.

Check out A1 From the EP:

Verdict: Prepare yourself for a quality techno injection. The EP is a wild ride from the full-on hypnotizing stomper of ‘Begin Transmission‘ to the floating bliss of ‘Retro Futura Muse‘. While side ‘A’ lays down two peak time, dark room monsters, side ‘B’ has a lighter melodic edge while still laying down some solid beats. Excellent production with all elements combining effortlessly to create wonderful complex layers of depth. Petru manages to finely balance the compositions, so the sounds entwined around the driving percussion lift the arrangements into the next orbit. A voyage through the alluring darkness into an ambient dawn.

Track List:

A1 – Begin Transmission
A2 – Chihirotraktor
B1 – Ketarion
B2 – Rej (Tribute to Âme)
B3 – Retro Futura Muse

Out Now Kolibri Space Shuttle EP | PETRU | Kolibri Space Shuttle (bandcamp.com)

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