Track: Buckle before the onslaught of extreme new trio Corroded Spiral’s ‘Forgotten Ether’

Corroded Spiral

PHANTOM LIMB, the label headed by James Vella which has, in recent times, released dark and supremely thrilling, challenging works by the likes of Kevin Richard Martin and Richard Skelton, could do no other than welcome the incoming super-triumvirate of Corroded Spiral to its hearthside, upon hearing that trio’s plans to make music together; especially when you learn that the group comprises Sepultura co-founder Iggor Cavalera, Venezuelan electronica sorcerer Cardopusher, and Dwid Hellion, founder of hardcore punk outfit Integrity.

Together, as Corroded Spiral, they have a digital EP forthcoming on Phantom Limb, that work to be entitled Ancient Nocturnal Summoning, and summated really very accurately by the label with a simple, pure and powerful adjective – “punishing”.

Trust ’em, they ain’t wrong. A doubting Thomas who needs to know for yourself? Well, knock yourself out with “Forgotten Ether”, a first poisonous taster of the EP. It howls, strafes and screams with primal power, cooking up a blackened stew of metal, hardcore, electronica, et al, with neither respect nor interest in boundaries nor limits. Feck.

“Corroded Spiral is a collaborative creation of different ideas,” says Iggor Cavalera, “pushing the limits of our outputs, puzzled together during this doomed time of isolation; an aural assault.”

Elsewhere on the EP, Ancient Nocturnal Summoning, expect to be subsumed in the dread of tracks such as the glitching noise fest of “Through The Eyes of Madness” and the garrotted new wave of “Resulting Fragments Splinter Existence”.

Corroded Spiral’s Ancient Nocturnal Summoning will be available on all digital and streaming platforms from December 3rd, and may also be pre-ordered from Phantom limb via Bandcamp, here.

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