Premiere: Evil Blizzard release new video for ‘Fast Forward Rewind’

Preston five piece Evil Blizzard return with their first material in two years, a single called ‘Fast Forward Rewind’, out on February 12th via their own newly founded ‘Crackedankles Records’. It’s taken from their forthcoming ‘The Worst Show On Earth’ (named after a live review), due out in June, and is available a strictly limited edition of 500 on 10” vinyl and 100 on cassingle, and is available ONLY online and at gigs, with downloads available from the usual tax dodging places.

It marks a shift in the bands sound, their 4 basses and a drummer sound (yeah, you read that right) now augmented with more keyboards, and even – whisper this VERY quietly – six stringed guitars. ‘There’s still elements of the chaos that has always been around Evil Blizzard, but we’ve reined it in a little, focusing more on structure and dynamics than just adrenaline and volume as we have in the past” says Filthydirty, one of the many bassists. ‘The ‘rock’ element of our record collections has always been obvious, but recent material is giving us room to flex our muscles a bit. Hints of electronica and techno, together with slabs of Glam, Krautrock and punk that gel surprisingly well.’

We’re delighted to premiere the video for Fast Forward Rewind here on Backseat Mafia. It’s dark, with this bubbling synth line only slightly disguising the industrial/punk vibe. Smothered in bass and this imploring, almost ordering vocal, it’s got the sort of chorus festival and live crowds are going to go mad over.

Check the video out, complete with masks, costumes, dancing and general weirdness, here

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