PREMIERE: Farmer Dave & The Wizards of the West – ‘Right Vibration’: Beachwood Sparks man right back in the psych saddle

FARMER DAVE SCHER may be better known to you from the string of excellent bands he’s both been in and collaborated with down the years.

He was a member of brilliant West Coast country-psych outfit Beachwood Sparks, who took on Sade’s “By Your Side” and completely won (and actually chaps, while we’re here, could we have a vinyl reissue of Once We Trees, pretty please? Thank you).

When that band fragmented, he took up with Jimi Hey for one brilliant, self-titled album of the sweetest psych delirium as All Night Radio (my money is on MGMT having paid very close attention to the possibilities outlined by this cracker – oh yeah: vinyl? That too).

He’s also worked with Will Oldham, Kurt Vile, Chris Robinson, Interpol, Jenny Lewis, *catches breath … hell, even Elvis Costello and Animal Collective – his skills are mucho in demand; oh, and he’s also responsible for Farmer Dave’s Roasted Hot Nuts, a yumsome almond snack made according to an old family recipe. Soul and body, see? Soul and body.

After a little time away from being the guiding light to a musical project, here at Backseat Mafia we’re pleased to say 2021 is already looking a whole damn sight brighter as he returns with his first outing proper in a decade: Farmer Dave & The Wizards of The West and their eponymous album, due in the racks and ready for some psych love on January 22nd.

And today we’re pleased to both unveil and premiere the video for the acid pop rush of teaser single “Right Vibration”.

He’s totally back in the groove with guitarist and vocalist Ben Knight, bassist Brian Bartus and drummer Jud Birza for a proper stoned immaculate psych trip, full of melody and cosmic inclination, fuzz guitars melting in your technicolour dream. Yessss.

Dave says: “We are so happy for the release of our first single, ‘Right Vibration’.

“The song sings to the idea that there is a higher harmonic order evident in all facets of creation: from the movement of the stars and heavenly bodies, the planets and seasons to the inner workings of our own bodies and minds, all that is has a frequency and vibration and is in a state of constant flux and flow.

“Remembering we are a part of this divine dance, we become active participants, ever more able to become expressions of joy and harmony with all that is.

“When we align ourselves in this way, there is no telling what we can achieve as a species … in fact, it’s our destiny to realize that we are truly one with the universe.  

“Let’s come together now, with an attitude of love and aloha.

Cheers to everyone in the UK. We can’t wait to come over someday soon!”

And what of this album, over which yr humble correspondent salivateth muchly? Well, Big Potato promise us that it’ll be “in parts raw, psychedelic, UK sonic guitar meets the spiritual jazz of Sun Ra. Pharoah Sanders by way of MBV.

“In other parts, a minty fresh LA noir from the fertile bones of classic LA rock – The Doors, Janes Addiction.”


Farmer Dave & The Wizards of the West’s self-titled debut album will be released by Big Potato Records on digital download, CD, limited black vinyl and limited chrome blue vinyl with art print on January 22nd; all formats are available to pre-order over at the label’s Bandcamp page now.

Follow Farmer Dave Scher at his website, on Twitter, on Facebook, and on Instagram.

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