Live Review: Bridge City Sinners – The Grand Social, Dublin 11,08,2022

I have waited since 2020 for this show to happen and man it didn’t disappoint, Bridge City Sinners lived up to everything I had hoped. It was a rowdy mix of upright bass, violin, guitar, banjo, mandolin & ukulele folksy punk rock
But the venue could have done with a few more fans going on the fans, even before the night started the venue was a sweatbox and once things got going it just got hotter, but hey its a heatwave outside and inside.
The band opened with as listed on the set list The Boys 1,2,3 meaning some of the guys taking turns first
stating out with Lightnin’ Luke on guitar for a song, then joined by Michael Sinner for another and finishing this opening with Clyde McGee and all 3 guys doing a song, after which they left the stage for a brief moment and then the whole band returned.

With the full band now on stage they opened with Song of the Siren, a better opening there couldn’t have been. 3 songs in and Libby is telling us that it is the bands first time in Europe and it has been like one long party with lots of pizza, the band were meant to tour in 2020 but like many had to postpone and it broke her heart, she didn’t play music for awhile after but when she picked back up an instrument she wrote the next song Rock Bottom, after this she was heard to say its been a long tour and not sure now if she’s in a fever dream and it was here where she introduce the whole band. Reckon due to tiredness at this point Libby started into Devil Swing and after which Lightnin’ Luke had to tell her that she had skipped a song and they then played Devil Like You. We were then told this next song is about alcohol and Libby saying cheers to those that are drinking, cheers to those that aren’t and Scott Michaud finishing off with cheers to those that feel awkward, Libby adding the songs about feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and they started into Poison
As Libby had mentioned before about long tour and partying this has been having an affect on her with sleep deprivation but its better than any drugs lol. Ashes was introduced as being about losing someone close to you and if you know the bands history they have and the song was also dedicated to him.
Next up was The Lord of the Rings inspired The Legend of Olag Hai part 1 & 2.
The encore only contained one song
So that ended a night of songs about the Devil, about drinking, about loss and about Lord of the Rings
Again it was all I could have hoped for!
Set List.
Song of the Siren
Virgin Sacrifice
Rock Bottom
The Devil’s Swing
Devil Like You
Pick Your Poison
Run From the Sun
The Legend of Olag Hai part 1 & 2
Witches’ Wrath
Through And Through

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