Premiere: Nat Vazer exclusively unveils evocative video for the luscious ‘Rumours’, ahead of new album and tour.

Feature Photograph: Benjamin Joel - Holy Mackerel

We are overjoyed with excitement to bring you an exclusive look at the enigmatic video for ‘Rumours’, the fantastic new track from Nat Vazer. It comes as Vazer announces a string of live events in anticipation of her new album. ‘Strange Adrenaline’ due out on Friday, 6 October 2023.

‘Rumours’ is a beautiful and statuesque single – it is a close and intimate song, painting a rich tapestry of yearning and longing. Vazer’s voice is diaphanous – like a veil of silk drifting in the ether, languorous and delicate, infused with a grace and melancholic air as it drifts across the dappling instrumentation. The cotton wool embrace induces a reverie – a dream like state that is immersive and warm and yet antithetically chilling at the same time. Reverberated guitars and vocals add layers to the enveloping sound – it is a beautiful track that seems like a ghostly apparition.

The haunting delivery reflects the darker themes – Vazer says of the single:

‘Rumours’ paints a picture of recurring trauma. It’s like a creature born in childhood innocence but keeps re-manifesting throughout your life in different ways.

Indeed the tone delivers a mysterious sense of dread – something that is brilliantly portrayed in the video being premiered today, directed and filmed by bassist Benjamin Joel. Rich red velvet colours drench the screen as Vazer and her band perform – a trick of timing renders a slow motion effect with real time singing. The air befits the Lynchian nature of the song. A mysterious mask floats in and out and at times the screen blurs as if we are deep in a nightmare. The haunting mask is a deliberate signifier, as Vazer says:

We thought the mask could represent this idea of trauma – in my head, it’s like a creature born
in childhood innocence but keeps re-manifesting throughout your life in different ways.

Joel adds:

I was trying to create a creature that personifies something dark that manifests itself in your life and takes on a life of its own. Something that if you let it can take control, something that feels natural yet alien.

The candle-lit performance, Vazer’s enigmatic presence and the hazy interface seem to create a chemically-induced fugue on screen – almost like those nightmares you have when you’re running fast but cannot move. It’s a brilliant portrayal of the song, capturing a sense of claustrophobia and internal strife – the nightmares we create in our own mind, as we see when the mask finally lifts at the end:

This is a gorgeous track with a gorgeous evocative video. ‘Rumours’ is out now and available to stream here.

‘Strange Adrenaline is available to pre-order here and through the link below.

Vazer will be appearing at the BIGSOUND event in Brisbane next month as well as making some in-store appearances – details below.

5 September – BIGSOUND, Fortitude Valley QLD – Stranded Bar at 10.00 pm – 10.30 pm
6 September – BIGSOUND, Fortitude Valley QLD – The Wickham at 9.00 pm – 9.30 pm

‘Strange Adrenaline In-Store appearances

30 September – Hobart TAS – Tommy Gun Records (Duo in-store)
6 October – Melbourne VIC – Rocksteady Records (Full band in-store)
7 October – Canberra ACT – Landspeed Records (Duo in-store)
8 October – Wollongong NSW – Music Farmers (Full band in-store)
14 October – Bendigo VIC – Bendigo Vinyl (Full band in-store)

Feature Photograph: Benjamin Joel – Holy Mackerel

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