Film Review: Together Together

Matt and Anna

Long gone are the days when a nuclear family was the norm and anything else caused comment or even scandal. In most of the Western world, at least. Today, these units come in countless shapes and sizes. Whether that’s individuals, couples or more, having a mum or dad, in the traditional sense, is no longer a given. In Nikole Beckwith new comedy drama, Together Together, two people must navigate treacherous waters to bring a baby into this world.

Matt (Ed Helms) is going to be a dad, and maybe a mum as well? Which is surprising to his family and friends given he’s a single man in his mid-forties. Twenty-something Anna (Patti Harrison) has agreed to be the surrogate for his child and she’s determined to stay professional and detached the whole way through. However, the gaps in their lives push them together, leading to a rather unusual, uncertain and awkward friendship.

There are several elements in Together Together which mean it shouldn’t really work, but it somehow does. This is largely down to the fantastic script from writer/director Nikole Beckwith. She takes a situation overflowing with potential boobytraps and skilfully makes a sweet and intelligent babymance. Harrison is pitch perfect as the uncertain Anna, wrestling with her emotions at every step. Together Together is a refreshing and heart-warming indie comedy.

Together Together opens in US theatres on 23 April and is available on digital from 11 May.

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