Saturday night, the place is packed and it’s as hot as Hell. Not only is it hot as Hell, but as the stage becomes bathed in blood red lights five figures enter and at a glance you could quite easily believe that someone had spiked your drink and you were tripping in Hell. All around us people are wearing t-shirts bearing the legend ‘Are You Evil?’ You guessed it, Evil Blizzard are in the house and things are getting weird.

Although their image is hard to erase from your mind, it is quite difficult to accurately describe the scene unfolding before us. Seeing is believing. (see GALLERY below for proof.) Taking seat behind the tubs is a man dressed in a boiler suit, his face half covered with some kind of mask giving him the appearance of an Ed Gein acolyte. He’s joined by what looks like a cross between a living mannequin and an alien, dressed in baby pink, a long haired, leather clad, erm, person??? A rather inappropriately dressed (in that it’s so hot many in the crowd are in shorts and flip-flops) bloke in a thick boiler suit and fur lined hat, (also in a mask) and a grotesque, goblin type creature in a frilled cabaret shirt and a pair of very large, very tight pink hot pants, that to be honest look like they are struggling to keep his tackle in check. Seriously, if you were to wake up and find this lot looking down at you, it wouldn’t be long before the van arrived to whip you off for some serious therapy sessions.


Visuals aside, the music is also a break from the accepted norm. First off the singer is the drummer. Nothing too unusual about that, after all, quite a few drummers are competent vocalists. But there are also four bassists – no lead guitar, just four bass players that combine to provide some of the heaviest doom laden licks you are likely to come across. Opening track ‘Sacrifice’ is an intoxicating tune that almost hypnotises the crowd with its slow steady rhythm.

Drummer/vocalist, Side announces the band are going treat us to some ‘Rocking blues’ , his cohorts give a short 12 bar intro, but it’s only a ruse. ‘Stupid People’ is another slab of heavy bass, and so it continues. It’s loud, very fucking loud, and the crowd are loving it. Young and not so young, men and women, die-hard fans and shocked new comers are all getting down. There’s dancing, much nodding of heads and plenty of applause. Captivating stuff.


Mid-set, if possible, things take a turn for the weirder, (and I’m not just talking about Filthy Dirty’s bollocks popping out of his hot pants). First up there’s a pig. In a boiler suit wielding a machete and a cleaver who, from what we can discern, serves no other purpose than to strike fear and intimidation into the scene. He (or she) is swiftly joined by what could easily be the Chainsaw Massacres Leatherface, long lost cousin. Mophead. Facial identity concealed with a burlap sack and wearing nought but an apron, he proceeds to attack the crowd with his rather grotty mop. Those he can’t reach are subject to abuse and insult as he flicks the V’s to all and sundry. It’s a demonic pantomime and the crowd are loving it. In addition the band are joined by an additional musician, and in keeping with the all-round freak-show, it’s a duck!!!

Ploughing through the numbers and despite the scenes of mayhem, the band maintain a thorough grip on the musical side of things. By no means are the theatrics used as a gimmick to cover the quality of the sound. Evil Blizzard can rock with the best of them. ‘Are You Evil?’ and ‘Slimy Creatures’ are some of the best psyched out, punk tunes you’re ever likely to hear.


Things finally draw to a close. Bass guitars are handed to the crowd and while the fans pluck the strings the Blizzard operate the effects pedals. It’s intoxicating end to a performance that will be etched on many people’s brains for years to come. Seeing Evil Blizzard for the first time is a bit like the first time you have really dirty sex. You’ll never forget it. You’re not quite sure if it’s right, but you know you enjoyed it and you can’t wait for the next time.


 ‘Are You Evil?’ – I’m not too sure, but I’m definitely a fan of Evil Blizzard.

Stupid People
Are You Evil ?
Slimy Creatures
Watching You

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