Live Review & Gallery: Hand Habits at the Carriageworks, Sydney 11.06.2022

Hand Habits

We’re lucky tonight because we get to see Hand Habits (Meg Duffy) twice. Once as a solo support act to Perfume Genius and then again when they take their place in his backing band.

Casually strolling onstage, Duffy thanks the crowd for being punctual. Seated on a chair, alone in the cavernous Carriageworks arena, Duffy immediately has the crowd leaning in, craning to hear every note. Soon the vastness of the venue is forgotten and it feels like we’re in a friend’s comfy bedroom listening to them play some tunes. We are treated to an intimate and rare show as we get to hear the songs stripped naked and delivered, solo and on a guitar – just like when they were composed.

A personal favourite ‘Placeholder’ is performed with such devastating beauty that the crowd around me seems to swoon momentarily. The last time Duffy toured Australia was just before the pandemic. It’s fitting that they have returned again as the country emerges from the Covid crisis. Duffy promises to return with their full band and whilst that is something to look forward to, the crowd will cherish tonight’s rare glimpse of Duffy, alone on stage performing their songs with heartfelt elegance and grace.

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