News: BALTHAZARD & Mik Ivy Join Forces For Refreshing Summer Anthem ‘Prince’

BALTHAZARD and Mik Ivy join forces to deliver the jiving and refreshing summer anthem ‘Prince’.

The new track promises to be a texturally diverse and captivating addition to music lovers’ summer playlists, filled with good vibes and an irresistible groove. Bringing together elements of Jungles Neo-soul approach with a more commercial pop undercurrent, the track perfectly blends its melodic, silky, infectiously catchy vocals with the tight, percussion heavy beats, bright guitar lines and bouncing bass to create a multileveled track that goes beyond it’s pop exterior.

BALTHAZARD, a Swiss-born musician, DJ, and producer based in London, has always viewed music as a powerful medium to spread messages of hope and love. Having initially made his mark as a live drummer, he has toured globally before making waves behind the decks at renowned venues in Switzerland and London. Collaborations with prestigious brands like Michael Kors and Versace have further bolstered his reputation. Now, BALTHAZARD is stepping into the spotlight with solo projects, drawing inspiration from the people and energies around him.

At just 17 years old, Mik burst onto the scene with his debut single ‘837’, garnering significant streaming success. As a singer-songwriter, Mik refuses to be confined to any one genre, constantly pushing boundaries and mixing his unique inspirations to create an electrifying sound. With multiple headlining gigs in London under his belt, Mik continues to captivate audiences with his raw talent and powerful storytelling.

For both artists, ‘Prince’ represents an opportunity for even more growth and recognition in their respective careers. Combining their talents and diverse musical backgrounds, BALTHAZARD and Mik Ivy have crafted a revitalizing sound that epitomizes the essence of summer.

On the new release, they share:

“We wrote the song speaking from the perspective of the pretend cool kid, describing what it’s like being the life of the party, whilst not wanting to even be there, a bittersweet yet contagious feeling of euphoria, superimposed with the silky, vintage-inspired musical foundation, which results in an addictive harmony of chaotic yet controlled groove. We wanted to provide a throwback right to the golden age of superstardom and the over-the-top regality of performers from that era. A must for any self-respecting party you’ll be throwing this summer, this project will have you and all your friends hitting replay as soon as that last chorus ends with its signature ‘so smooth’.”

Listen below:

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