Premiere: Pamela Sue Mann Dances Joyously Through A Supermarket on New Single ‘Pink Flamingos’

Having had an illustrious career to date, working with a whole host of names including Suzanne Vega, Donna Lewis, David Baron and Gerry Leonard, Pamela Sue Mann has already made her mark in the world of music. Now releasing more of her own material, Pamela is back with her new single ‘Pink Flamingos’ and we’re excited to be running the premiere!

With an unapologetic sense of joy ‘Pink Flamingos’ strength lies in Mann’s playful and optimistic approach to writing – fun, free and light. The track’s Bowie-esque, funky-pop backing is perfectly complimented by mann’s quirky, delicate yet effortlessly charismatic vocal delivery takes centre stage as the ear-worm chorus takes hold. Surrounded by atmospheric backing vocals, there’s a subtle, washy melancholy to contrast the tracks beaming luminescence.

Just as you’ve got comfortable the track’s climax gently throws you off-kilter with crooning male vocals courtesy Philip Hurd-Wood, reinforcing the track’s lighthearted nature with an unexpected yet brilliantly breezy, carefree ending.

Written as a joyous contrast to the sorrow caused by the current world climate, Mann describes Pink Flamingos as: “The song was written as a welcome burst of sunshine in these dark times and is guaranteed to make you smile or even dance… A profound platonic love and imagining the celebration of that love by quite literally dancing together goofily in the supermarket isles – A celebration of queerness and of life and of our unique selves in the collective world.

It’s sublimating the horror reality of a pandemic into the divine delirious hopefulness of humanity, starting with a dance. Where better or more appropriate to dress up in a wacky flamingo-patterned suit than a supermarket? Brightening up the aisles of produce and canned goods – and our lives”

Produced by and also featuring guitar and synth from Gerry Leonard (famed for his work with David Bowie), ‘Pink Flamingos’ also features guest backing vocal performances from Trina Hamlin and Donna Lewis.

Pamela Sue Mann is playing a launch show for the new single at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC. Watch the playful and satirical new video for ‘Pink Flamingos’ ahead of it’s official release tomorrow below:

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