Premiere: Swedish producer/musician Slumberville returns with gorgeous new single, Bliss; see/hear it here first

Out tomorrow via the lauded Nettwerk label is the new single from Swedish producer/musician Slumberville, following on from his recent singles ’For the Win’ and ’Forever Young’.

Of the track Sebastian Fronda, aka Slumberville says, ”I wanted to capture a feeling or state that is (for me) difficult to put in words; maybe the illusion of perfection, maybe ‘just’ stillness, maybe very simplified; an absence of darkness or just enjoy the present moment. Production wise I was going for a retro 1940’s Edith Piaf French vibe with the strings. I wanted to counterpart the strings with a simplified Lo-Fi key part. Also, wanted the drums to feel like late 90s underground hip-hop à la RZA – all this in a Slumberville environment.”

Already the subject of mich hype in his own country, and having already played over 500 shows in Scandinavia, its surely not long before Slumberville hits it big throughout the workd. Bliss is pretty much exactly that, with warm beats and this rather lovely string pattern that forms the basis of the beginning of the track, before moving onto keys. Its chill vibes and gathered melodic fragments melt your heart.

Check it out , here

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