PREMIERE: Montreal post-rock trio Yoo Doo Right emphatically kick against the pricks on thunderous new album

Barely a year since they released their debut LP, Don’t Think You Can Escape Your Purpose, Canadian trio Yoo Doo Right are back with their second album, on which their towering, politically charged experimental rock soars to new heights. Trailed by two singles earlier in the year – one of them a whopping 17 minutes that makes every second count. (Spoiler alert: it benefits greatly from additional album context.) If you’ve got the guts of an hour, you owe it to yourself to listen to the full thing.

The band just wrapped up a European tour last week in preparation for the album release – A Murmur, Boundless to the East arrives tomorrow on Mothland, but before then, we’re streaming it in full. Vocalist and guitarist Justin Cober told us a little about the record: “Gritted teeth, suppressed anger; the original title was gonna be: A Murmur of Suppressed Anger, Boundless to the East. I like the imagery of this. Boundlessly eastward, eventually you end up right behind yourself and all along the way people are muttering their anger at it all under their breath. I wanted to put forward the idea of quiet discontent… or rather, anger that can’t be fully expressed for countless reasons.”

Dive in below – really immerse yourself in this one because it commands, and deserves, your complete attention.

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