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I needed cheering up today. I had to go to the hospital and have a camera inserted into my stomach via my throat. I won’t bore (read, gross you out) with the details, suffice to say that my gag reflex is about the most healthy part of my body, or so it seemed. I was in a bit of a daze afterwards as I drove, then wandered around Sheffield, and its only now, quite a few hours later, now that the children are in bed and its all quiet, that I’m beginning to calm down.

And the thing that has helped more than anything else (other than that first sip of water after being on nil by mouth all day) has been this almost four and a half minutes of delicious, joyful indie pop from London five piece Fanfarlo. It’s taken from their latest EP, out now.

The band describe the song as ‘The Sea’ is a song about humanity evolving back into living in the sea, driven by an instinctive and melancholy longing for a simpler time. It’s about following a call of the wild, our bodies still in search of that elusive lost golden age. This story of giving up on the whole project of land-dwelling also dovetails nicely with our new album which is all about human evolution and possible futures.’ It bubbles and shudders and spits out these lovely melodies that would melt a heart of stone.

The video is rather less joyous, more interesting. Directed by Máni M Sigfússon, who took inspiration from both Ingmar Bergmann and the David Lynch masterpiece Twin Peaks, and he has tried to use the darkness of the woods as a contrast to the lightness of the girl subject.

What it really does is whet the appetite for the bands third album, out early 2014. / /

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