Track: Sunflower release summery track ‘Thin Skin’

The sunshine state of Queensland continues to provide bright sun-bleached pop wonders that capture the quintessential light that emanates from the region. Brisbane band Sunflower does just that: their new single ‘Thin Skin’ has all the hallmarks of the shimmering pop gene that runs through the blood of Queensland musicians, tempered by a thread of melancholia and yearning.

The track is infused with a sunshine melody and gorgeous harmonies but dealing with more serious lyrical themes of survival and empowerment. According to Kahlia Ferguson (songwriter and singer):

Thin Skin” is about accepting that life is going to deal you difficult cards sometimes, and letting go of anything that doesn’t add value to your life is one way you can beat the darkness. You can be your own worst enemy if you let the difficulties of life tear away at you. We only get one life, might as well learn to love it.

The result is a languid, languorous and hypnotic track that reflects long hot summer days:

Lovely stuff. The single is out now and available here.

Sunflower are brothers Luke and Sam Woods (drums and bass), Dave Webster (lead guitar) with leading frontwoman, Kahlia Ferguson and singer/songwriter, Lawson Doyle.

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