Track: Taking post-rock further – New Age Doom & Tuvaband preview new album ‘There Is No End’ with the climactic title track.

Now here’s some news from the consistently beneficial We Are Busy Bodies to lighten up the post summer gloom. The Toronto label will be releasing the new album ‘There Is No End’ from experimental rock collective New Age Doom on 27th October.

Centring around the core partnership of drummer Eric J. Breitenbach and guitarist Greg Valou, the band have always shown intention to develop their original dark ambient doom metal chaos theory rather than dig deeper into the same cavern. Their ‘Guide To The Universe’ project in 2021 which featured Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry as inspiration, sonic guide and guest vocalist was some statement and its partner release ‘Remix the Universe’ stood out as one of last year’s most essential re-imaginings.

No surprise then that the upcoming next instalment sees New Age Doom exploring the creative possibilities of collaboration still further. ‘There Is No End’ finds them teaming up with Norwegian alt-folk shoe-gazer Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser (aka Tuvaband), who they first worked with on the ‘Remix The Universe’ set, in order to explore the ripple effect of melody and delicacy on their often turbulent soundscapes. As Greg Valou explains the aim of the New Age Doom/Tuvaband intersection is to ‘strike a balance between serenity with chaos, and accessibility with experimentation’.

Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser (aka Tuvaband)

The title track streaming now as an album preview shows the band gliding between these parameters. There Is No End is a track that whips itself into a determined spin, from thoughtful chords and hazy trip-hop clicks to a swirl of guitar shards, crunching big beats and sax/trumpet reverberations. Emotive post rock with Gondwana references, injected with New Age Doom’s restless invention and distinguished by Tuvaband’s ice-edged vocal, it’s a shuddering introduction to an album destined to have a mighty impact.

Pre-order your copy of ‘There Is No End’ by New Age Doom & Tuvaband from your local record store or direct from We Are Busy Bodies HERE

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