EP: Tears on Demand – Tears on Demand

Out now is a five track ep from Tears on Demand on Brighton’s Indie label, Shore Dive Records. The ep is of the same name and is packed with atmospheric songs combining Shoegaze and Electronica with Dance and Psychedelia.

Tears on Demand uses electronic beats, which are the foundation for something which is highly unique and original. The way the drum element is used is quite dancy and is reminiscent of the sort of flavours that DJ Roni Size or Trip-Hop visionaries, Monk & Canatella might add to the mix. Synths are used to colour in moods and are equally creative, experimental and poppy. This sound is taken further, with funky bass and ethereal Shoegaze guitar.

There is a keen pop-sensibility on this ep, with musical experimentation meeting banging pop tunes (‘If I was Alive’ for instance) At times, the tunes verge into Industrial Music territory, thanks to grinding Chainsaw-Guitar, but soon whip back into the dub-like-drum with bass accompaniment. The vocals are at times, subtle, whispered and help to enhance the dreamlike ambience. The lyrics are also standout, from odes to insomnia, ‘Ghost In The Machine’ to tunes more politically charged, ‘The Plot’.

These all mesh together into the Sonic World that Tears on Demand creates, full of Dub Reggae bass, subtle samples, breakbeats, otherworldly vocals and soaring guitar.

This ep is available on a multitude of platforms, including ITunes and Bandcamp.

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