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The Breakdown

For fans who like their rock on the harder side, vocals that soar and fretboards being set alight

Made up of Uk heavy metal veterans Voltstorm are a new and upcoming band that are set to make 2022 their year. After releasing a set of singles the band have shared their self titled mini album.

Kinking off with the first track C.O.D which sets the scene with the arena-sized drums and fiery guitar riff. John D. Prasec lays down a scorcher of a vocal track on this classic sounding metal track and Fred Stigliano sets his fretboard a light during his solo. Something he does throughout this album and you can’t help but be impressed with the noise the trio make.

One Life follows in the same vein with a stomping riff opening the track up. With a killer chorus, the track is pure foot to the floor metal with Ivo Yordanov driving the track along with his solid timekeeping. You have to hand it to the guys the musicianship is impeccable which is the key ingredient in this EP sounding so damn good.

‘The Game’ slows the album down on the paired back verses with Prasec giving one of his best vocal performances on the album. The track is a right brooding rock masterpiece with flashes of guitar brilliance during the mind-bending solo. The impressive guitar skills crop up with next track ‘Mind Control’ as well.

The scorching intro for ‘Rebel’ builds the track into a monster that will have many a live crowd singing. Prasec goes full Rock God on this track and how Stigliano keeps pulling out the tricks has amazed me throughout this EP.

The final track is the epic ‘No Surrender. There’s a choral start to the track that gives way to a thumping great riff as Yordanov plays out his skin throughout the track. It’s easily the highlight of the EP for me.

The guys have laid down a solid groundwork with this album. Showing what they can do which you can’t help but be impressed considering they are a threesome. The tracks here give a strong rock punch with some seriously impressive musicianship throughout. For fans of hard rock with flying vocals and fretboards being set alight.

Check out the video for the track One Life, below:

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