News: Welsh Rockers Shop Front Heroes Share ‘Caer Bryn’ From Upcoming Debut Album

Welsh rockers Shop Front Heroes release the emotionally charged new single ‘Caer Bryn’. Giving a taste of their hotly anticipated debut album ‘SuperPowers’, the anthemic and uplifting track promises to captivate with its authentic storytelling and grandiose sound.

Featuring Stevie Yeomans (Lead Vocals, Guitar, and Piano), Jake Owen (Lead Guitar/Vox), Matt Whitehouse (Drums), Tom Jaques (Guitar/Vox), and the recent addition of Alex Middleton (Bass), Shop Front Heroes are renowned for their genre-defying, meticulously arranged music, blending elements of rock, pop, classic rock, and alternative for a powerful and unforgettable sound.

Recorded at the legendary Rockfield Studios, ‘SuperPowers’ received mixing from Stew Jackson (known for his work with Massive Attack, Nick Cave, and Emily Breeze) and mastering by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios (credited for his work with The Beatles, Queen, Rush, and Radiohead).

‘Caer Bryn’, the latest offering from Shop Front Heroes, is a personal reflection by lead singer Stevie Yeomans, named after his family’s Mid-Wales smallholding in the 1980s. The song explores themes of nostalgia, longing, and the passage of time, drawing parallels between his family’s history and the band’s journey in creating ‘SuperPowers.’

A Welsh Male Voice Choir, located near the old family property, adds an authentic touch to the song, emphasizing its emotional depth. The track’s grandeur is further enriched by sweeping string arrangements and the influence of Arcade Fire.

Yeomans describes the Welsh word ‘Hiraeth’ as a central theme, symbolizing a deep yearning for a life that might never have been. It reflects the universal desire to pursue one’s passion and put everything on the line, mirroring his own musical journey.

Yeomans shared, “This is the most personal song that I have written, and although there’s an element of artistic license involved, the honesty of the situation is at its core for all to see and hear. Caer Bryn is a passionate, honest song. Hearts are on the sleeve, and you can’t hide from the feeling of truth and raw emotion when you listen to it or perform it. I think that every one of us has our own Caer Bryn somewhere. It doesn’t have to be built from love and stone, as was the case here, but it’s that one thing in your life that you’ve given everything for and put your soul on the line for. Whatever happens, you’ll always be a hero if you’ve done that.”

Listen below:

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