Premiere: ‘Wake Up’ – Sage Roadknight sends out an effervescent blast of pure pop joy.

Feature Photograph: Jacqueline Rae

We are very pleased to bring you an exclusive first listen to the electric new track ‘Wake Up’ from 18 year old Melbourne wunderkind Sage Roadknight.

The track has a motorik beat and a luscious wall of silky electronic sound with echoing vocals and half spoken verses – you cannot help but think of the Pet Shop Boys mixed with the pop sensibilities of artists like Mallrat or M83. The result is something that is more expansive and brighter than the cinematic skies above the great southern land.

Roadknight says of the track:

A song that will get you dancing and singing your heart out about how the system has wronged you and the majority of the world. [It] voices our frustration about the enormous disparity between the working class and the ultra rich 1% of the population.

A perfect day-glo bubblegum pop with a serious message that positively bubbles and simmers in the pot.

It really is a breath of fresh warming air as the temperatures plummet around the coast of southern Australia:

‘Wake Up’ is released tomorrow (5 July 2024) and you can pre-save here.

Sage has already established themself as a person to watch, with their unique sound and powerful lyrics praised by Triple J Unearthed, Folk Artist of the Year Award, and the Environmental Music Prize, and even featured in the Ignite Festival at the young age of 14. 

Feature Photograph: Jacqueline Rae

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