See: Témé Tan releases new video for Menteur

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Tanguy Haesovoets, better known as Témé Tan, has revealed a new video for the track Menteur, the latest track to be taken from his self-titled debut albu, which dropped last October on [PIAS] Recordings. Its a dacefloor ready slice of synth-pop, as Tan gets his funk on, mixing up pure pop with elements of his European and African upbringing. It’s frankly irresistable.

Talking about the video, Témé Tan said:

Welcome to my personal Soul Train episode! The song is about how I can’t cope with having to justify what I do, where I go, who I am with. “Menteur” (Liar) is also about how one can lead a double life. This is why I wanted to blur my identity in the film by asking my younger cousins to play my role. I remember a short clip with Serge Gainsbourg being interviewed about comic strips and young kids would reply instead of him. This surrealist bit stuck to me as I was visualising the scenario.
Apart from that detail,, the video is quite straightforward so I wanted to add a comical element to it. My good friend Carl Roosens agreed to play the role of an annoying reporter called Laurent Pieds-de-Lievre. As an upcoming artist I realised how we are sometimes reduced to a few anecdotes. Obviously, Mr Pieds-de-Lievre only wants to pigeonhole/caricature what I do. His questions are so far fetched that it ultimately makes me laugh instead of crying.

Check it out, here

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