Track: Betty Taylor says ‘Fuck You’ in their own inimitable style with a sparklingly defiant pop anthem.

Betty Taylor is no single person: it’s a gale force wind blowing from the Sunshine Coast in sunny Queensland consisting of four women who craft a delicious brand of pure pop with a steely spine and an infectious melody.

As the title would suggest, ‘Fuck You’ is an exclamation of powerful resilience delivered in a day-glo pop cloak and a certain amount of swagger, with just a dash of melancholy. It is a blast of filtered sunshine soaked in regret and yet bristling with an inherent voltage of empowerment.

The theme is universal – the defiance of a wronged person written by singer Sophie Patrick to help her process getting over someone, and yet missing them at the same time. According to the band, Patrick

…began to pen the song shortly after getting dropped home by her ex and posted the first verse on her Instagram story moments later as a not-so-subtle message for a certain someone to see. After having time to grieve and reflect upon the relationship, the second verse was written, taking the listener through the push and pull of emotions that anyone who has been through a breakup knows all too well.

The bittersweet tang seeps through every anthemic line.

The track is accompanied by a joyous video directed by Fynn Widdicombe and Patrick that balances the bitter with the sweet as the band performs with abandon at a karaoke bar as a form of exuberant catharsis:

The inherent delicacy of the internet will direct you to the YouTube site above, but you can also download and stream the track here. The track is out now through the boutique label Hello Gardener.

Betty Taylor have just wrapped up their first-ever headline tour with dates in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Wollongong in May, and recently joined Beddy Rays on their Tour De Frothy dates. Betty Taylor will open for Matt Corby on 13 July for a stripped back intimate performance at District 14 in Narre Warren before supporting Teenage Dads on the Queensland leg of their upcoming national tour. The band will also play SPRINGTIME Festival in September.

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