DRAG CITY aren’t too far off the mark when they say that “over the past month, we suddenly love Monday … the best part of waking up is a new Bill Callahan song.

He’s given us “Breakfast” today, a song with the ghost of Bill Fay’s “I Hear You Calling” preserved in amber somewhere down in its DNA.

It further strengthens Bill’s bid to be the Raymond Carver of deep Americana: “I drink so that we don’t fight / She doesn’t drink, so that we don’t fight” sings our hardscrabble narrator, of a love with maybe a spring or two gone. “Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day,” our narrator concludes. The little tiny things of a life; the little flotsams of routine to which we cling when all at sea.

Bill Callahan’s Gold Record is out via Drag City on September 4th; pre-order yours here.