Track: Sanjay – New Roads (Feat Lavva)

Multi-genre, emerging talent Sanjay, has shared another glimpse of his forthcoming debut album ‘Ancestral Visions’ due later this year. This new single is another sonic fusion of indie dance, highlighting the talents of the afro ingenious Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Lavva. With Sanjay flexing his skills as a producer, vocalist and playing the traditional Peruvian guitar, the Charango.

The last track to be written from the album but one of his personal favourites, Sanjay explains how ‘New Roads’ came to life,

“I wrote the lyrics talking to a younger version of myself, thinking about how everyone is on a journey to pave the way for future ancestors, with the chorus being a prayer – “a road paved with gold”. The song came together immediately; I started with the chord riff, played it on keys, sampled and looped it, and had a demo within 20 minutes. I had noticed Lavva online and knew instantly she had to be on the track. We share the same vision about the movement of power and spirituality and on hearing the demo, she immediately understood what the song was about.”

An electric track that’s dominated by the lightness of the strummed Charango as it mixes with the heavier synthetic bass drone. Sanjay and Lavva bring another dimension as Lavva’s sweet honest vocals float above Sanjays, whos more direct punching delivery keeps things grounded. It’s something a bit different and all the better for it.

Check it out, here

Find out more via Sanjay’s Website or Facebook

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