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Florimond Furst Herold

Cécile Seraud is a pianist and composer based in Lorient (Brittany). A graduate of the Conservatoire after training in classical guitar from the age of 5, she has only recently dared to devote herself to music. The catalyst came eight years ago when she decided to realize an abstract but lifelong dream: to buy a piano.

Their debut album, “Shoden”, was released in 2020 to critical and popular acclaim. The compositions range from the music of Yann Tiersen, “a joyful, misty melancholy that pays tribute to the delicate charms of Brittany”, to intimate musical atmospheres that resonate with the icy lands of the north. Mum, Sigur Ros, Arvo Pärt (Spiegel Im Spiegel) and Ólafur Arnalds are among the composer’s references.

The Lorient-based composer returns with her new album “Xaos”, again recorded by Sylvain Texier (ÔLake). Along with the news Seraud has shared the video for her beautiful solo piano piece “You and I” which is the first extract from her forthcoming album “Xaos”.

Seraud comments:

“Xaos is the fruit of three years of hard work and collaboration. This second album tells the story of our era and its fractures: bursts of loss, of uncertainties, of memories, of promises, and bursts of joy. Bursts of a fragmented world, which still seems too disoriented to make sense of itself.

The instruments-piano, cello, voice and guitar-feed the album with their humanity, getting around a more experimental world where the chant of the Universe, “errances cosmiques”, takes us, whether we like it or not, towards our future, towards the vertigo of interstellar immensity and the possible breath of unreason that prowls in our souls, to the point of risking stripping them of their most beautiful emotions.

Xaos means “chaos” in Greek, the infinity of space, obscurity, and darkness. What is disordered and doesn’t yet make sense? But its etymology reminds us that it’s also the first state of a new world, the beginning with all the creative effervescence that entails, because as Albert Camus says: “To create is also to give form to one’s destiny.”

Check it out, here

Find out more via Seraud’s Facebook

Pre order the album here

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  1. […] sharing the first single ‘You And I‘ from her album ‘Xaos’, due on the 17th of November, Cécile Seraud has shared a […]

  2. […] sharing the first single ‘You And I‘ from her album ‘Xaos’, due on the 17th of November, Cécile Seraud has shared a […]

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