Track: Capital Vices have released the first of two astrology based EPs. Check out the track Gemini

The Chicago-based metalcore band Capital Vices have shared the first of two eps as part of an astrology concept album. The first EP ‘Zenith’ released 19th March and sees the band learning from past lessons to create better music.

“We have worked very hard to create better music structures and avoid the mistakes of this EPs’ predecessors,” says the band’s drummer Matt Lathan. “There’s a reason it took us three years. There was a group obsession to not let anything slide in terms of uncertainty. If there was even a shred of doubt about anything we wrote, it was worked out until we all were okay with what we had.” 

The sophomore single, “Gemini,” continues the astrology conceptual thread.

“This song has an instrumental and lyrical pattern that relates to its twin aspect, as there are two vocalists sharing their side of the sign’s pros and cons.” Lathan adds: “Gemini’s sign is the twins (twin personality). You might notice that the chorus repeats twice but has two different vocalists. This was to represent the ‘twin’ aspect of this sign.”

Intricate melodies contrast with the brutal vocals and terrorising backing from bass and drums. With a split personality vocal performance harsh scathing to scary madness and and a clean soaring chorus theres not many bands out that sound like these guys right now.

Check it out, here

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