On her recent album Resolve, her first for One Little Indian, post-classical composer Poppy Ackroyd stepped away from using manipulated field recordings, instead using prepared instruments – paper over the piano strings one of her ideas, to create something rather unique. Its a deeply personal album to her, saying in her own words “Resolve is about the determination to embrace the good things in life whilst dealing with unexpected and challenging difficulties. Finding the light in the dark, facing sadness and loss head on, and developing a growing inner strength.”

From it she’s released a new video for Paper, which bubbles along driven by these lines of piano that evolve and change, sometimes almost imperceptibly, sometimes left turns into new material, but always subtle. As it unfurls, so these string lines add elegance and the percussive elements channel the pieces energy. It’s rather lovely.

The accompanying video is a beautifully shot study of the inner workings of a typewriter. Check it out, here