Track: Fujiya & Miyagi – Solitaire

Taken from their forthcoming self-titled album, due out on 7th April via Impossible Objects of Desire, Brighton electro-genre hoppers Fujiya & Miyagi have released a new single, Solitaire. It’s the bands sixth album, but actually it’s the culmination of a year-long project that sees the release of three EP’s which traverse disco, electro, pop, and the now synonymous 1970s Germany-inspired groove they so seamlessly ooze. Put together on one album, the band see the position of the tracks as a whole as an embodiment of this plan. Commenting on the release, the bands frontman David Best says “The album is a really strong resistance to societies compulsion to suck the energy out of everything. It’s a really good thing to provide an antidote to all the scary stuff that is going on, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.”

Solitarie has a certain immediacy and intimacy. Over a minimal synth line, built on just one or two notes, the intimacy comes from the recording, the immediacy from this lyrical pop melody. As it gradually unfurls, so this icy, retro groove is brought to bear, but there’s a warmth about the track, as it begins to bubble away underneath. It’s a bit of an ode to love ‘When I kiss you I no longer care’ purrs Best, as the band turn up the warmth with vocal harmonies and some glorious ebb and flow in the music.

Check it out, here

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