Track: Middleman – Entropy

London punk trio Middleman, have shared their debut single, ‘Entropy’ via Brainrotter Records. Recorded at the renowned Fuzzbrain Studios and mixed by Jonah Falco (Fucked Up, Career Suicide, Game etc), it  is a taste of what to expect from their upcoming debut EP, ‘Cut Out the Middleman’, due out later this year. 

Singer Noah Alves elaborates:

“I saw the line ‘I live for the entropy’ in an old ‘Dope Rider’ comic, and it stuck in my head. Originally I wanted to get it tattooed but then thought it would work better as a song lyric. When writing the song I wanted something that would get stuck in your head the same way. With the contrast in sounds across the track, jumping from the punchy riffs to the melodic outro, I like to think we achieved that.”

Middleman got together in early 2021 and have been playing shows and turning heads with their unique sound and approach. Whereas other punk/hardcore bands in London draw from styles such as 80s New York or Boston, this power trio formation of London youths, takes inspiration from the more cerebral, angular sides of punk such as Mission of Burma, Minutemen and The Wipers, whilst maintaining a unique approach to their sound.

Scratchy guitars over frantic drumming and bursts of sneering vocals, all sounding like it was recorded underwater. Distorted guitar chords are the name of the game here and the band uses them to good effect, especially as the track comes to a close and they slow down to a dreamy static gorgeousness.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the bands Instagram

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