Track/Video : Lebanese multi-instrumentalist Yara Asmar announces emotional new album ‘synth waltzes and accordion laments’ with the rippling beauty of ‘come back later’.

Autumn is the perfect time to encounter experimental musician Yara Asmar’s drifting music. Last September we were gifted the tiny gem of her ‘Home Recordings 2018 – 2021’ cassette, a soundtrack of detailed exquisite portraits from the Beirut streets and houses around her. The tunes had a warm glow, an illusive presence made real by a caring human touch.

Now comes whispers of her second release ‘synth waltzes and accordion laments’ via the irrepressible Hive Mind Records, out on cassette from 6th October onwards and streaming soon after. It’s an album that once again breathes deep with electro-acoustic reverberations, this time shaped through the blends of those two key instruments in the title.

Inspired during Asmar’s stint as artist in residence in the Black Forest and the extraordinary chance discovery of the German shop that shipped her Grandmother’s green Hohner to Lebanon nearly seventy years ago, the ten tracks are set to tug softly at the emotions. They feature sounds from that very accordion, played and recorded by Asmar at home on her return with her usual lo-fi love and dedication.

Preview track ‘come back later’ hints at the album’s mindful spirit. Synths stretch, yawn and uncurl, weeping in steel-guitar tones and singing slow. There’s a hymnal tide around the harmonics and delicate rippling melody. The sound of discovery and remembering wrapped in one. Prepare to be taken…

Pre-order your copy of ‘synths waltzes and accordion laments‘ by Yara Asmar from Hive Mind Records HERE

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