See: Logan Lynn captures the high beauty and strength of simple togetherness with ‘Here’s To Us’

Logan Lynn

LOGAN LYNN, Portland, Oregon’s so-much-loved songwriter, producer, filmmaker, and activist, who – casting your mind back to the far-off days of high summer here, took Gossip’s “Standing In The Way Of Control” out for a delicious and valedictory spin into the cosmos in the company of Bitch, has today revealed a heart’s arrow-sweet new single, “Here’s To Us”, with accompanying animation. Of course you can watch it here. Of course you can.

It’s simple in its sentiment of one of those moments of belonging, the sort that strike you out of the blue like an epiphany; and subtly, a call to come forth and find your tribe. Cos you’ve got a tribe, you know? Everyone has. They’re just waiting for you to brighten their lives in ways only you can. Here’s to us.

Logan says his new single “is a rally cry for me and anyone who has ever felt pushed aside or left out, just for being themselves.

“To every queer or trans person, to my BIPOC friends and family, and to all of you who feel like you don’t belong anywhere: I see you. You belong here. We can belong together.”

The song takes a more emotional, downtempo swerve after the more uptempo, dancefloor-killer vibe of the two previous singles “Eat&Drink&Smoke&Shop&Fuck” and “Rich And Beautiful,” – catch up with them, too.

The clean lines of the accompanying animation come courtesy Daniel Napoli, who was the mind behind Netflix’s We The People, and of which Daniel says: “[It’s] fairly autobiographical; life is weird and hard but in the end, we are all ultimately just stardust. That feels true to me, and is comforting somehow.”

“Here’s To Us” comes from Logan’s tenth album, New Money, which is out late January on Kill Rock Stars. As well the singles detailed herein, there’s Liz Phair and Eliott Smith covers to get involved with on that (“Fuck And Run” and “Baby Britain”, respectively). Gonna be a great way to sort those new year heads.

Logan Lynn’s New Money will be released by Kill Rock Stars on January 21st, 2022, digitally, on CD and on purple and pink swirl vinyl; you can hustle up your pre-order right now at Bandcamp.

Follow Logan Lynn elsewhere online at his website and on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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