Track: The Goon Sax unveil vibrant and enigmatic track ‘Psychic’ in run up to their new album ‘Mirror II’ and UK tour dates

After the stunning return earlier this year with the single ‘In The Stone’ (reviewed by me here) , The Goon Sax are back with another brilliant single ‘Psychic’ in the run up to the release of their third album ‘Mirror II’ in July.

‘Psychic’ is further evidence of the creative brilliance of this Brisbane trio with its eighties dark synth vibes and layered harmonies. There is an Arctic chill to the sound – a glacial poise and presence. Louis Forster’s vocal are half spoken, half sung and harmonised and softened by Riley Jones’s light touch backing vocals, all fusing to create celestial melodies and a laconic, dry approach.

Forster says of the track:

Psychic exists in the fragile intersection of fantasy and reality. A supernatural world you escape into until you feel realities grip on your collar. But as you’re dragged back to linear time, and supposed objectivity the supernatural reinstates it’s claim to a more powerful truth. Eventually the friction between these worlds causes you to question your faith in both, wondering to what degree truth can be chosen and what forces from both are too strong for you to stand in their way. Much like ‘In The Stone’ this song is a conversation, two peoples truths of the search for this very thing.

The accompanying video is soft-focussed and enigmatic as is the band’s way: studied poses, awkward dancing with dual personality flashes: enigmatic and mysterious cloaked in lush colours and deep shadows. It’s effortlessly cool and languid:

‘Psychic’ can be streamed/downloaded here. ‘Mirror II’ is available for pre-order via Matador Records here in the northern hemisphere and in Australia and New Zealand via Chapter Music here.

‘Mirror II’ Tracklist:

1. In The Stone
2. Psychic
3. Tag
4. Temples
5. The Chance
6. Bath Water
7. Desire
8. Carpetry
9. Til Dawn
10. Caterpillars

The Goon Sax will be embarking on a UK tour – they have already moved to the UK this month in preparation. The dates are as follows:

UK Tour Dates:
01/09/21 Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
02-05/09/21 – End of the Road Festival
06/09/21 – MOTH Club, London
07/09/21 – Pink Room, YES, Manchester
08/09/21 – Mono, Glasgow

Feature Photograph: Hugo Nobay

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