Track: Sydney’s Reality Instructors face their demons with the explosive ‘Finished In My Head’ and announce new EP

Reality Instructors‘ new song ‘Finished in My Head’ is a blistering, punky blast of frustration and anger: cathartic, explosive and born from some very real demons.

Singer/songwriter/Guitarist Dan Pash has a degenerative hearing condition and the band’s recording sessions for their forthcoming EP ‘The Timeless Threat of…’ (out June 30 via the band’s own label, Eternal Memos) had to be completed before Pash’s cochlear implant surgery. The surgery – since successfully undertaken – effectively meant the end of the band’s live gigs. You can read more about Pash’s journey in a fascinating piece from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Does this add a sense of urgency and finality to the recording? Maybe, but it is all wrapped up in the band’s musical energy anyway – ‘Finished In My Head’ is a cathartic romp: brim full of vitality and that element of scorn and disdain any good punk song should have. There is a nod to the melodic punk of Green Day, but a little rougher at the edges, a little more genuine passion. Harmonies and call and response backing vocals lighten the edges but the bass throbs and the drum drive and crash with intensity.

The subject matter reflects Pash’s dealing with his own disbelief at his condition and his treatment by others. The band describes the track as:

…an existential meditation wrapped up in a 2 minute sonic tantrum.

The result is something that is honest and raw:

You can pre-order ‘The Timeless Treat of…’ through the link below:

Reality Instructors are; Dan Pash (ex-Leader Cheetah), Eve Land (Imperial Broads), Nick Kennedy.

Feature Photograph: Miška Mandić

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