Track: The Terrifying Lows are ‘Waiting For The Sun’: a deliciously dark piece of gothic post punk pop.

Feature Photograph: Naomi Oakley

The Terrifying Lows is the work of Melbourne-based musician and Gamilaroi artist Tyler Millott, and the new single ‘Waiting For The Sun’ is a deliciously dark piece of gothic post punk pop. An indelible melody and anthemic chorus are delivered across a jangling dark synth/guitar filigree with a sparse evocative bass spine. This is an immersive and euphoric track burnished by a hint of melancholia through Millott’s yearning vocals.

Millott says of the track:

‘Waiting For The Sun’ is about a strange and dark time in my life when, for a long while, I was having very vivid and graphically violent nightmares and I was doing just about anything to stay up and not go to sleep. I can’t remember how long this went on for. Any length of time I pull out of my memory of this period seems too absurd to be real.

The gothic nightmare thrum is eloquently expressed: a sense of impending doom and anxiety threads its way through the track. ‘Waiting For The Sun’ has something of the presence and aura of The Cure in their gothic phase, but delivered in a perfectly formed dark pop package.

The accompanying video, filmed by Naomi Oakley and directed and edited by Millott himself is close and intimate, filtered in rich, dark colours evoking a sense of anticipation when it is always darkest before the dawn:

This is an exciting release and I for one am excited about hearing more from The Terrifying Lows who will have a debut album out in the near future. ‘Waiting For The Sun is available to download and stream here.

Feature Photograph: Naomi Oakley

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